WordPress 5.8 Release Candidate

Install WordPress RC3 to experience new features.

Big Changes from Shopify Unite 2021

Platform support, merchants and developer collaboration, zero commissions from developers earning below $1m revenue.

WooCommerce and AutomateWoo Integration Comes with New Features for Users

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Google Partners with Shopify to Expand Its Online Shopping

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DigitalOcean Customer Billing Data Accessed in Data Breach

Intruder exploited customer data through a document vulnerability from 2018

Kinsta Launches $30 per Month Entry-tier Plan and Switches to Visitor-Based Pricing Model

The hosting company also introduces a fresh look and CDN integration

Facebook Data Leaked Again

Hacker releases the personal data of 533 million Facebook users online

WannaCry Making a Comeback? Here’s What you Need to Know

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