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WPWebHost Review Summary

WPWebHost offers some very good basics to site owners that are interested in running WordPress. In fact, all round there are many benefits and their pricing is as reasonable as it comes - even better, in fact, since there are no hikes upon renewal. Yet to offer users so little in support is concerning and may be a breaking point, even for small businesses.

Response Time

WPWebHost Pros

  • Lifetime free domain
  • Free white glove site migration
  • 14-day Backup cycle
  • 100-day Money-back guarantee
  • Hosting price locked for life

WPWebHost Cons

  • Only Singapore and US data centers
  • Limited knowledge base
  • Only WordPress hosting
  • Lack of 24/7 support

Editor's Review & Recommendation

Although WPWebHost is a WordPress-focused hosting service provider, that doesn't mean that only shared hosting plans are available. Their WP Blogger and WP Lite plans are shared hosting accounts, while WP Plus is on semi-dedicated hosting and WP Geek is on dedicated hosting servers. This means that as the plans scale up, so do more than just the resources and you will get similar benefits as other hosting provider that have VPS and dedicated plans as well.

For the prices that WPWebHost charges you do get a very decent resource payload and best of all, there isn't a price hike when it comes to renewal time. Additionally, developers also have some form of support thanks to allowances for site staging, Git integration, and customization capability for both Apache and NGINX.

Honestly, there really is something for everyone here and their very affordable pricing tiers makes them accessible to a wide market - as long as what you're looking for is WordPress. Yet not everything is bright and shiny. The most surprising thing about this host in terms of support, which is unusual since may WordPress-focused hosts have this in spades.

For example, there is very little help to be found in their knowledge base and plans don't come with 24/7 support. Ordinarily, one or the other wouldn't be too bad, but a lack of both is something that both seasons site owners or newbies should be concerned about. This is especially true for business sites that require high levels of uptime as well.

WPWebHost Performance

WPWebHost Shared Hosting Uptime

Shared hosting uptime for WPWebHost is tracked from the US, with seven backup locations. Average uptime for the past 30 days has been 0.00%.

WPWebHost Shared Hosting Response Time

Average aggregate response speed for WPWebHost is 187.33ms. WPWebHost shared hosting response time is checked every four hours from ten locations.

WPWebHost Plans & Pricing

WPWebHost Shared Hosting
WP Blogger
/per month
1 WordPress website
10 GB SSD storage
10,000 visits/month
Jetpack free edition
Lifetime free domain
Shared hosting

WP Plus
/per month
5 WordPress websites
60 GB SSD storage
50,000 visits/month
Jetpack professional
Lifetime free domain
Semi-dedicated hosting

WP Geek
/per month
30 WordPress websites
100 GB SSD storage
150,000 visits/month
Jetpack professional
Lifetime free domain
Dedicated hosting

WPWebHost User Satisfaction

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