TMDHosting Review

TMDHosting Review Summary

Performance of a web host should be your primary concern but there are other factors which indicate the quality of a host. TMDHosting is a mixed bag of tricks and you’ll need to consider many of the fine line details to see if it’s the right mix for you.
Response Time

TMDHosting Pros

  • Unmetered bandwidth and storage
  • Choice of seven global data centres
  • Easy to use centralized dashboard
  • Access to Weebly website builder
  • Free SSL (Wildcard on Enterprise Plan)
  • Free domain name
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free white glove migration
  • Perl, Python and other scripts available

TMDHosting Cons

  • Limited free backups on files and database
  • Free domain has no privacy protection
  • Knowledge base could be improved

Editor's Review & Recommendation

The feelings I have on TMDHosting are slightly mixed due to a conflict of various factors. They offer relatively extensive features yet at the same time are limited in some areas that are commonly expected to meet certain standards.

This can be seen for example in they way backups are handled. TMDHosting offers daily backups, but with data retention periods so low that unless you recognize a problem very quickly, you’ll have lost access to the previous files you will need to restore your site.

Another contradiction can be seen in their excellent customer support yet at the same time relative weak knowledge base system. The sum total experience is that unless you’re looking at only performance, careful consideration needs to be made as to where you can live with certain shortcomings.

For Newbies and Individual Bloggers

For newbies, you can get a specialist offered by TMDHosting to set up the website for you.

TMDHosting is an ideal playground for newbies and bloggers. It offers very good sign up rates and fair renewal prices. At the same time, there are automated web application installers. For the really new newbies and site owners, help is readily available if you can’t get the installation done on your own – they will do it for you.

TMDHosting Performance

TMDHosting Plans & Pricing

TMDHosting Shared Hosting
/per month
1 website
Free domain
Unlimited SSD storage
Unlimited data transfer
Let's Encrypt SSL
Basic caching

/per month
Unlimited websites
Free domain
Unlimited SSD storage
Unlimited data transfer
Standard SSL
Memcache instant 128 MB
Performance x2

/per month
Unlimited websites
Free domain
Unlimited SSD storage
Unlimited data transfer
WildCard SSL
Memcache instant 256 MB
Performance x3

TMDHosting VPS/Cloud Hosting
/per month
2 CPU cores
40 GB SSD storage
3 TB data transfer
2 GB DDR4 memory

The Original
/per month
2 CPU cores
65 GB SSD storage
4 TB data transfer
4 GB DDR4 memory

/per month
4 CPU cores
100 GB SSD storage
5 TB data transfer
6 GB DDR4 memory

TMDHosting User Satisfaction

    News Adi

    "I recommend this best hosting service all world"

    This Hosting is always better than other normal hosting providers because i have very fast services and client base query easy and faster than normal so i recommend this hosting…

    Yes, recommend

    Kongnso kolum

    "I confidently recommend TMDhosting"

    TMDhosting hosting is just the best I have come across so far. I’ve been working with TMDhosting for about 3 years now and their services are great. They are truly who they say they are.

    Customer care is one of its kind and above all their technical support gives feedback within minutes. I recommend anyone to go for TMDhosting and enjoy their services

    Yes, recommend

    Ranjeet Singh

    "Good Hosting With Low Price."

    TMD Hosting Is the Best Customer Service And Hosting Service. I Love It.

    Yes, recommend

    " recommend"

    With my experiences so far in trying out so many hosting companies, I can boldly recommend TMDHosting to anyone who values their online presence.

    Its customer service teams are indeed phenomenal. Their responses are so swift and intelligible that you just can’t lose hope.

    My big thanks to TMDHosting

    Yes, recommend

    "Bloggers can check"

    a good hosting is an essential part if you to succed in Blogging. before Buying nay hosting check for its reviews and get some info from others to choose the best one for you. good luck

    No, don't recommend


    "I use TMD Hosting for good"

    I know TMD Hosting for more that 1 years now and highly recommend the service.
    Support is very very quick, and I have not yet experienced any down time.
    There cloud hosting service is particulary interesting, as well as there customers portal panel is very modern with good items to managed hosting service system.
    They have everything good any online marketer need to start his online business.

    Yes, recommend

    Tobi Olufemi

    "I recommend TMDHosting "

    Yes, I recommend TMDHosting. Very good hosting company

    Yes, recommend

    Mohammad Imran

    "I am not saying it's the only best hosting service provider. But, one of the best in the top 5 rankings globally"

    I am not saying it’s the only best hosting service provider. But, one of the best in the top 5 rankings globally. I would rate TMD Hosting on multiple things like after-sale service, Technical support, Customer handling, and most importantly POSITIVITY, always ready to help and even care for your business. Guide you to the best option if you have a confused kind of personality like me.
    There are tons of services provider available in the market, but nobody can understand you more than the team TMD Hosting can. In my two years of journey, I appreciate some names here whom I get in touch with when I need expertise, guidance, support, and help from my service provider.
    Peter Hensley, Melanie Deaton, Damon Yates, Mark Howell, Irvine Vernard, Kevin Kornel, Donie Turner, Mary Demin
    Thank you so much Team TMD Hosting

    Yes, recommend

    "Very Fast"

    Frequently extending compliments to someone really elevates their state of mind and makes them feel good. Additionally it goes a long way in establishing rapport with the person you’re talking to. Your ability to give timely and sincere compliments brings the spark in conversations and enables you to stay present in the current moment. Receiving compliments is the other half of the social convention that you need to follow in order to maintain reciprocity in the communications.

    Yes, recommend

    sanjay jangam

    "i would recommand this "

    very good hosting company except linode limit.

    Yes, recommend

    Aniket Rokade

    "Best Hosting Company ...."

    It is really a great web hosting company … and my lots of websites are running on it now…

    Yes, recommend

    "Highly Recommended"

    Affordable and reliable hosting service and very quick turn-around time by technical support team. Will highly recommend to anyone looking for care-free hosting service for medium and large scale operations.

    Yes, recommend

    "Best hosting at this price"

    This hosting is known for its excellence and high performance, one of the best hosting at this price range.

    Yes, recommend

    sajad arefinia

    "great hosting service and team"

    TMD hosting is a great hosting service and the best team.
    try it

    Yes, recommend

    Partha Majumdar

    "I recommend TMD to my Friends who needs great hosting service""

    I have tested numerous cloud hosting companies, I found TMD Hosting to be the most reliable. I’m with TMD for the last 2 months and have experienced zero problems, a website that is both fast and secure, and response times for support tickets that are lightning-fast. I recommended TMD Hosting to many of my friends looking for a perfect hosting company.

    Yes, recommend


    "Thanks TMD"

    i am with TMD hosting for more than 2 years ,
    During all this time, their Experts have invariably offered the most effective Solution to my every problem. Within a few minutes after I contacted them they will not only solve your issues, but they will give you the advices to avoid any issue in the future.
    Big Thanks for the TMD Team

    Yes, recommend

    Chad Uselman


    They have been fast, friendly, and courteous with their support. I’ve had some stupid questions and they happily answered them. Their hosting has been great. Would highly recommend!

    Yes, recommend

    Bradley Widjaja

    "Great Hosting Company"

    After almost 1 year i had been used TMDhosting, i’m very satisfied. Why? Because they are offer a good price, my website was never down since i used their service, quick respond if i had trouble with my website. I’m very recommend this hosting company. And i think i will use TMDhosting to host my website maybe forever. Thanks to be a great hosting company.

    Yes, recommend

    "Affordable Price for Hosting"

    YUP TMDHOSTING is very affordable for new bloggers.

    Yes, recommend

    Sharif Hassanien

    "TMDHosting has a great CS"

    I really recommend the hosting services from TMDHosting. I’m using their windows hosting since 2017, and they have never disappointed me. They are detailed and are keen to meet all the expectations. Their responsiveness to all tickets, in a short time, makes them the best hosting provider.
    I am confident in recommending their services. They never disappoint.
    Thanks TMDHosting

    Yes, recommend

    Raul Neumann

    "The little gem of the web"

    Today, having forty-six years of commercial experience I remember very clearly the wise words of my father on my first day as a salesman in his tourist supply store,
    “Son, a good reputation is earned with an excellent treatment of clients where honesty, kindness and diligence should always be the first rule in your treatment towards them.
    What I tell you today should never change because prestige is what will earn you the respect, loyalty and recommendation of your customers, which will translate into your success.

    That said, it is what stands out at first glance in TMD Hosting, an excellent web hosting company of which I am a satisfied and happy customer, by far the best company on the web where I have been.
    They offer a wide variety of plans for a variety of types of web hosting, from good to excellent all with a number of excellent features for all imaginable ecommerce projects as well as various other uses, all at more than competitive prices I would say, cheap to first comparison and very cheap when we analyze the amount of features included in relation to the price you pay.
    I came to TMD looking to alleviate a heavy cost of VPS hosting in another company, here they offer almost the same for almost a quarter of that cost, and the same for a little less than half.

    An excellent support team in all areas 24/7/365 always ready to help very quickly and expeditiously, answering all questions real fast, in the technical part, which I hardly understand, they have helped me to solve problems in the ones that I expected to be told, “we’re sorry this is beyond our reach”, but to my pleasant surprise it was the opposite, and they dedicated themselves to solving my problem for a “long time” until obtaining a positive result.

    The kindness, goodwill and diligence of their support team has always caused me a smile of satisfaction since the first day, so that, for all that I said they have earned my gratitude and loyalty as a customer, excellent service, excellent technical quality, excellent treatment.

    I fully share commercial criteria with TMD Hosting so I recommend 100% this company for all hosting service needs, especially for ecommerce projects, without the slightest trace of doubt and with great satisfaction, TMD Hosting is “the little gem of the web”.

    Yes, recommend

    "I recommend TMDHosting as my personal experience"

    I recommend TMDHosting as my personal experience is completely positive, a great support 7/7 24/24 extremely responsive, regarding the existing service and additional services such as help with the creation of subdomains, DNS management and Cloudflare, I can only be totally satisfied.
    Last but not least, daily backups are made and the request to upload old versions of the site takes place within a few minutes.
    A precise and timely hosting service.
    Highly recommended

    Yes, recommend

    PeJe Nahavandi

    "The BEST Hosting provider. "

    They have a awesome support team that are always there for you and help you out if you have any problems. I recommend strongly to use TMDhosting for your upcoming project.

    Yes, recommend

    Manoj Prasanna

    "Supper fast responding time"

    I am using TMD for my online shopping website for a year. I am well satisfied with TMD because they are always responding within a minute and provide solutions to the issue. I don’t want to look for other opinions for the faults.

    Yes, recommend

    "TMDHosting provide awesome Service"

    TMDHosting provide awesome Service to customers i m using Business Cloud hosting plan for past months i m not face any issue i very much satisfied to every one who are looking quality and trust service for your business Regards Vadivelu Dhanakoti

    Yes, recommend

    "Super Customer Support"

    Their support stands out – opening a support ticket means a response within 15 minutes, which I think is great. Of course, the issue may not be resolved right away, but I’ve ALWAYS been impressed with their quick response, expertise, patience and eagerness to get the job done right. their support has always impressed me

    Yes, recommend

    Sunjay Jangam

    "Great customer support. Great services and features for a very convenient price"

    Great customer support. Great services and features for a very convenient price. The cloud plan I am subscribed to is super fast and efficient. It also keeps updating its services and adds new features. i have been using tmd enterprise cloud hosting since 1 and half year.

    Their support stands out – opening a support ticket means a response within 15 minutes, which I think is great. Of course, the issue may not be resolved right away, but I’ve ALWAYS been impressed with their quick response, expertise, patience and eagerness to get the job done right. their support has always impressed me

    Yes, recommend

    Jacey James

    "Great support"

    I have used TMD for nearly a year and cannot fault them. The service is excellent and the team go above and beyond with the technical support they provide.

    Yes, recommend

    Bijal Patel

    "Now thats what I call excellent support!"

    We started with TMDHosting back in 2016 with a very small Magento Ecom site and added a static wordpress site as well. Complete noobs as far as magento went and even worse with WP.

    These guys are amazing! Actually helped with magento problems. I mean really what hosting company gives you application support!!! for FREE!!!!

    Above and beyond. Thanks you guys it has been brilliant to the extent that my wife’s company uses it now and a few friends of mine too.

    We’ve have not had any down-times, other than an occasional hiccup with DNS issues and I’m sure we were at fault in not adding certain entries correctly.

    Thanks TMD, you rock.

    Yes, recommend

    Gonzalo Quiroz R.

    "To be honest TMD my real experience."

    To be honest, at the beginning, I didn’t know how to start my project, let alone which hosting to choose, the person in charge had resigned and I had to learn to handle all this alone. The only thing I knew at the beginning is that I would need a hosting that had good support since I had many doubts and little knowledge. I was figuring out which hosting was the best and there was a lot of confusion. I finally opted for TMD HOSTING I think it was only because of other comments that I made the decision, I don’t really remember. But just to say that this experience with TMD has been incredible, I never expected such a level of response, fast support, very attentive, very professional, I have never expected an answer for more than a couple of hours, there are times that it has been practically instantaneous as if it were a chat, I think that level of response I will not find in another hosting, I do not change and I recommend it 100% especially if you are looking for something serious and professional. Sincerely, Gonzalo Quiroz R.

    Yes, recommend

    Dragan Radulovic

    "I highly recommended TMD Hosting to anyone seeking a reliable WEB hosting partner."

    Why do I recommend TMD Hosting with such a great enthusiasm?

    For it is robust, reliable, fast and offers an exceptional customer service. It is also versatile enough if it comes about choosing a hosting plan. In a word, it’s true value for money.

    Choose TMD Hosting to stay on the board from now to eternity.

    Yes, recommend

    sharif Alahmed

    "If you care about your Business you should care about your hosting "

    i am with TMD hosting for more than 4 years ,
    During all this time, their Experts have invariably offered the most effective Solution to my every problem. Within a few minutes after I contacted them they will not only solve your issues, but they will give you the advices to avoid any issue in the future

    Hosting for any online business is crucial and to find a company to keep you focusing on your business not on your hosting issues is more important, for that reason I decided to stay with TMD because they are supported and helpful all the way.

    i really recommended TMD they are trusted and supported


    Yes, recommend

    Himanshu Bijalwan

    "i would recommend"

    Yes, I do. I met TMDHosting due to the need to find a hosting with FFmpeg, is to achieve, TMDHosting. Because I recommend TMDHosting, the excellence and stability of the services are great and beyond very fast support, it exceeded my expectations

    Yes, recommend

    "I would recommend this service"

    Hi Guys,

    TMD Hosting has an excellent professional team to assist at any point of time 24/7.
    I have experienced immediate solution withing max 5-10 mnts for all my support tickets.
    I strongly recommend to go with TMD Hosting Services.

    Yes, recommend

    "Best Web Hosting"

    One of the best web hosting, loved the customers services, prices and 24/7 support is just awesome and my site speed is rocket!

    Yes, recommend


    "very helpful and quality company"

    A truly professional company. Employees are always helpful. So far they have helped me with all your problems. Domain prices are a bit high. All the remaining prices are quite affordable. I have been a customer for about 3 years. I will probably continue to be a lifelong customer as long as they continue like this.Companies in the turkey does not help that much. This firm really does its job well.

    Yes, recommend

    Anas Ahmed Siddiqui

    "Amazing Prices & Amazing Support"

    Been associated with several hosting companies in the past made me realize how good TMD Hosting is seriously, very reasonable prices especially for cloud hosting plans, free domain with almost all hosting plans, they got it all. But above all of this, I would like to highlight what an amazing support team TMD has, without any extra cost for premium support or anything like that TMD provides the best support to each of its customers irrespective of hosting plans. Without making you wait for days to get a reply TMD support team replies withing minutes, yes you heard me they reply to assist you within minutes.

    Yes, recommend

    "YES, I recommend TMDHosting"

    The main reason I choose them is because they are the best value for money in terms of cloud hosting and you pick your nearest server when you sign up; I haven’t seen this with any other hosting company. There customer service is also brilliant. Highly recommend them.

    Yes, recommend


    "Best Overall Hosting Service Globally"

    TMD Hosting is easily the best web hosting provider when you look at its insanely lucrative pricing. It offers top performance and high-quality support. TMD Hosting has options great both for beginners and experienced developers. I personally use it and also recommend it.

    Super low prices
    Free domain name
    Overwhelming performance
    Unlimited SSD storage
    Automatic backups
    Free domain name
    Custom website builder
    Unlimited bandwidth

    Yes, recommend

    "Why am i happy with TMD"

    I am not a commenting person on forums but i am helping person to those who believe the best is yet to come so the best hosting is here people just have to step forward and buy it, if someone has to buy a hosting it must be TMD hosting and i am saying this by heart this is why i have 3 plans from TMD and 3 domains and another to be purchased soon, infect i logged now for buying another domain.
    My words can give an idea that how much i can talk about TMD, based on my last 1 year of interaction with TMD i would like to highlight 3 things (i) You never get such plans in the price TMD offers ( space,Speed and Services ) (ii) The 24/7 support, which might be available else where but not as TMD, quick on easy click (iii) The way they get concerned with your small step to make it sure that you take it proper ( Great people, great support, Great services ) excellence is 5 start but exceptional excellence should have 7 *******

    Yes, recommend

    s m ali kazmi

    "one of the best hosting service providers ."

    İf I could rate it 10 stars over 5, I would… Super fast support and friendly customer care team. tech support is fast to respond and has been very patient with me as a new user. I am totally impressed. Thank you so much.

    TMD hosting .

    Yes, recommend

    "TMD Hosting is awesome"

    using tmd hosting for my website :- from almost 1 year and i am fully satisfied.

    I must appreciate their customer support 24/7. And they have many free uninstallable scripts & it’s also appreciable.

    If anyone want a hosting without any problem and trouble then TMD is the best one

    Yes, recommend


    "TMD Hosting is the best for hosting needs"

    TMDHosting is the best for hosting needs. Nothing but efficient timely customer service. Highly recommend. My experience has been great, all problems solved quickly, even when it is user error
    I would recommend TMD to anyone looking for an affordable and easy to manage hosting solution with an excellent support team.

    Yes, recommend

    Tharaka Kothalawala

    "A recommended service"

    The most important thing of any service is customer service & it’s best at TMD. I must appreciate their customer support 24/7. And they have many free installable scripts & it’s also appreciable.

    Yes, recommend

    Jose Angel Murillo

    "TDMHosting, los mejores !"

    Realmente que desde hace tantos años trabajando con internet tengo el mejor servicio que he podido tener. Sobre todo su apoyo en los momentos que los he necesitado, siempre estan ahi para solucionar, tanto asi que mis tres (3) dominios los tengo registrados con TMD Hosting.

    * Edit (Google Translate): Really that for so many years working with the internet I have the best service that I could have. Above all, your support when I have needed them, they are always there to solve, so much so that my three (3) domains I have registered with TMD Hosting.

    Yes, recommend

    Ahmad Adwani

    "TMDHOSTING is the Best"

    I think that the company is one of the best hosting companies after trying many other hosting companies, as it is characterized by the speed of responding to inquiries and solving problems.
    I wish them continued success

    Yes, recommend


    "Great Company with Great workers"

    Even you dont need any website or hosting account i would suggest you to buy any package from this company. Just to see how their team is supporting their customers. You can use that experience even in your own business to reach great success. Their customer service is phenomenal and unbelievable. Thank you TMD.

    Yes, recommend

    Waketer Mitchell

    "Awesome hosting services "

    Tmd hosting is the correct service provider for all websites. Easy, Smooth and fast hosting service . I Would recommend TMD to all.

    Yes, recommend

    Jose do Amaral Nunes

    "The Highest-Quality Web Hosting Combined With Unrivaled Client Support."

    I’ve started hosting my sites with TMDHosting almost 10 years ago.
    During all this time, their Experts have invariably offered the most effective Solution to my every problem. Always within a few minutes after I contacted them.

    Yes, recommend

    Samuel Richard

    "TMDHosting is Superb"

    With my experiences so far in trying out so many hosting companies, I can boldly recommend TMDHosting to anyone who values their online presence.

    Its customer service teams are indeed phenomenal. Their responses are so swift and intelligible that you just can’t lose hope.

    My big thanks to TMDHosting

    Yes, recommend

    Melissa Guessford

    "Excellent customer service!!!"

    They’ve solved every problem I’ve encountered, enabling me to focus on building my business.

    Yes, recommend

    Ritendra Prasad

    "I signed up for TMD Cloud hosting way back in 2018"

    I signed up for TMD Cloud hosting way back in 2018, till to this date I have never faced any major issues such as downtime, they also have professional customer support team and their prices are very reasonable and affordable, with the cloud enterprise package, I got a free domain name, SSL Certificate, Unlimited Space and Bandwidth plus can host unlimited number of websites, how cool is that, so just to put this in one sentence TMD Hosting is a great web hosting company at a budget price, Highly recommended…

    Yes, recommend


    I recommend everyone to TMDHosting, very good prices and incredible support service.

    Answers and solutions in minutes.

    In even solutions to problems that are not yours, problem solutions that are from the developer of the add-ons I use. I am very happy with them and I recommend them 100%

    Yes, recommend

    "I strongly Recommend TMDHosting "

    I have been in the tech industry for over 10 years and I’ve been with several domains and hosting providers over time, none were PERFECT, but TMDHosting is better than a lot of others I have dealt with.

    Anytime I go to customer support they always have someone readily available 24/7 not minding the time I can always count on getting someone to assist me.

    The technical support are extremely good, they help me with all my request within seconds.
    If I am unsure about my domain settings, their technical support is happy to fix it for me, I have moved 2 sites to TMDHosting and it was done with 10mins all files, design intact and the site was live all in 10mins. I am so impressed with their support.
    I can see how it would be cluttered or confusing for someone who is not familiar with domain systems, so if you are new to domain and hosting your best option is TMDHosting.

    Their portal is fine for someone like me and friendly also email service is fine as well.

    Most people are quick to complain when they have problems but I’m one to applaud a company when they are doing GOOD. Thanks TMDHosting

    Yes, recommend

    Happi Sylvester

    "I will recommend this company to all who an online presence"

    TMD Hosting has always been my number 1 hosting company after doing a lot of research as to which hosting company to host my sites on.
    I found out that among the other hosting companies, TMD Hosting’s advantages out weighs its disadvantages to the point you feel they are perfect.
    I will be proud to give TMD Hosting 98% on a scale of a hundred.
    Talking about its customer service teams, they are just exceptional as they offer real-time and immediate response

    I say more grease to your elbows, TMD Hosting.

    Yes, recommend

    Ben M. Emmanuel

    "TMDhosting Unbeatable... I Recommend TMDhosting "

    Tmdhosting is the best hosting company for me! Before I made contact with Tmdhosting, I had tested about 2 hosting companies, their services was nothing to write home about and as someone who was just coming into the business with little technical know how couldn’t withstand the pain of being left alone to face issues that sometimes can deter you from going further with the business. But when I tried Tmdhosting the first month they gave me pleasant services, I mean, the whole department were up and doing, they were really ready to serve me, I thought it was probably because I was a new customer so may be that could be reason they are giving me the best service I mean mind blowing services and attentions when ever I call for it, but i was wrong! So after the first month I paid for another month, this time I was checking to see if their services would change or probably ask me to pay more because most times, I ask them to help do installations of files or script,download new update for my site or even run update for me, as I write this review I’m 2years and counting TMDhosting is still going strong with me, their excellent services have made me to stick with them! I have learn a lot too from them and am not regretting doing business with TMDhosting, I’m happy doing business with Tmdhosting! I’m bringing more of my projects to be hosted by them. with TMDhosting I’m rest assured of success with their power packed support! The technical department is made up of cool headed individuals that are always ready to work and ready 24/7 to asist you!


    Yes, recommend


    [TMDHosting are ] Absolutely number 1

    Yes, recommend

    "This host is recommended to anyone serious about building a website."

    I am an amateur website builder. I started this journey a few years ago.

    With my first hosting service I lost everything and had to rebuild. I began my research and found expert consultations directing me to TMD hosting.

    Yes, recommend

    Jose Angel Murillo

    "TDMHosting, los mejores !"

    TDMHosting, los mejores !

    Tantas experiencias medias y malas con tantos proveedores de internet y finalmente encontre a los mejores, tanto en calidad como servicio a un precio razonable.

    Y sobre todo su Servicio Tecnico que siempre estan no solo dispuestos a ayudarte sino que lo hacen rapido !


    Jose Angel Murillo

    Yes, recommend

    "Cheap and Best Cloud Web Hosting Using it for more than 2 years without any issue"

    I have been using cloud web hosting from TMDHosting. I have one automated website that was hosted on SiteGround and I was frequently getting CPU utilization and inode issues. I switched to TMDHosting cloud and both of the issues are resolved.

    Yes, recommend

    Miguel Angel Espinosa Mondragón

    "I highly recommend TMD Hosting ... unsurpassed customer support and much benefit from minimal investment"

    In 20 years of professional work on the Web, TMD Hosting is the best provider I’ve ever met. I have a professional ally who cares about me. It allows me to take care of my business without problems due to technical aspects. They help even with installed applications. This is something that no provider offers in the market. They’re unique! And its speed and efficiency in the support is second to none. They are a true technical department in my business.

    Yes, recommend

    "I would recommend this company"

    I would recommend this company, especially if you are not very experienced at all. They went above and beyond to help me out when I screwed things up on my end. The only problems I’ve ever had with this company were the ones I created myself! These guys are very professional. Most hosting companies do a good job…these guys do a great job. Thank you TMDHosting.

    Yes, recommend

    John McGhee

    "Great for Wordpress hosting!"

    We needed to host 180 wordpress sites and got nothing but love for and from TMD Hosting techs. They are knowledgeable and they answer tickets in minutes. The price is right and we found one of our favorite hosts!

    Yes, recommend

    Harold Sanchez

    "Great service and prompt response"

    Great response in a timely manner. Value for your money.

    Yes, recommend

    Chafik benaissa

    "the best hoosting"

    I use tmd hoosting for over a year, at the beginning I started with BUSINESS CLOUD then quickly ENTERPRISE CLOUD, with a team of professionals and enthusiasts who help me to go faster and be better, as I need a lot of space for my images and good advice especially: I am very happy with my experience, very good price, more speed and performance.

    Yes, recommend

    "Modern and affordable hosting for wide usage"

    After trying for the 3 months with like 10 cms business websites and web shops, they fulfilled advertised services as the most complete hosting service covering wide usage needs providing all of the recent it standards.
    They provide the best standards in terms of website client content delivery with the active Support ensuring fully functional customer experience, recommending

    Yes, recommend

    Diana Garth

    "I recommend them to anyone who needs great hosting service"

    TMDhosting is exactly what I needed. Their service is great, the speed of the servers is fast, and all my tickets receive fast replies. TMD helped me fix any issue I encountered, and I plan on sticking with them for a very long and hosting all my sites with them.I highly recommend them.

    Yes, recommend

    Tarik Aljanabi

    "I loved them"

    After I searched and tested many Cloud Hosting companies, TMD Hosting was the best, about 7 months with them, Zero problems, my website very fast and secure, the support ticket very very fast, some other companies offer only telephone support which cost me a lot, from my heart I love them and suggest them to anyone who search for a perfect hosting company.

    Yes, recommend

    Anderson F. Madeira

    "I recommend TMDHosting"

    Yes, I do. I met TMDHosting due to the need to find a hosting with FFmpeg, is to achieve, TMDHosting. Because I recommend TMDHosting, the excellence and stability of the services are great and beyond very fast support, it exceeded my expectations. I recommend.

    Yes, recommend

    Hector Fowobaje

    "Highly Recommended "

    My Companies have hosted with over 10 hosting service providers in the past 20 years but pulled out with different complaints. We moved to TMD Hosting recently and the experience has been extra-ordinary. First thing I noticed is that the speed of the site improved dramatically, also the spam level reduced without installing any anti-spam software..
    The support has been incredible, best ever, please keep it up..
    We planned to move (host) more site to TMD before the year runs out.

    Yes, recommend

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