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Interserver Review Summary

With a decent mix of performance and reliability combined with fixed prices, Interserver is a reasonable choice of web host. Their offer many value-added services that are useful, such as free migration and site cleaning to sweeten their plans as well.
Response Time

Interserver Pros

  • 20-year track record in web hosting
  • In-house customer support
  • No price hike on renewal
  • Cleans up hacked or exploited accounts
  • Free website migration
  • Cheap domain name registration
  • Delivery of email is guaranteed
  • Servers only filled to 50% capacity
  • Free SitePad website builder
  • Highly configurable VPS hosting plans

Interserver Cons

  • Only US-based data centers
  • Limited developer tools
  • No free domain name

Editor's Review & Recommendation

Interserver can be a great choice for a wide range of users. Their fixed pricing scheme that offers discounted rates for users that pay annually is refreshing, given that so many hosts mark up their prices highly upon renewal.

The plans are suitable for almost everyone from novices to seasoned users, but there are some caveats to this. For example, if you’re an experienced user that needs some development tools on their shared plans, those aren’t readily available.

Likewise, users who are looking for very specific things such as a good choice of hosting server locations will be a little disappointed. Nevertheless, overall they have a good range of products and combine that with decent performance.

interserver fix pricing policy
Interserver do not jack up their price on renewal.

For Newbies and Individual Bloggers

With a track record of over two decades in the web hosting business, Interserver topped our list as the best web hosting for bloggers. Their fixed pricing scheme makes this an economy solution for both newbies and bloggers.

This is especially true if you also take advantage of their $1.99 domain name offer – something that’s hard to find at any other place. 

Interserver Performance

Interserver Shared Hosting Uptime

Shared hosting uptime for Interserver is tracked from the US, with seven backup locations. Average uptime for the past 30 days has been 100.00%.

Interserver Shared Hosting Response Time

Average aggregate response speed for Interserver is 118.28ms. Interserver shared hosting response time is checked every four hours from ten locations.

Interserver Plans & Pricing

Interserver Shared Hosting
Standard Web Hosting
/per month
Unlimited website
Unlimited storage
Unlimited data transfer
Weekly backups
LiteSpeed web server
Price lock guarantee
Free SSL certificates
Domain registration - $1.99/year

Interserver VPS/Cloud Hosting
1 Core
/per month
1 CPU core
2 GB memory
30 GB SSD storage
1 TB data transfer

3 Core
/per month
3 CPU cores
6 GB memory
90 GB SSD storage
3 TB data transfer

6 Core
/per month
6 CPU cores
12 GB memory
180 GB SSD storage
6 TB data transfer

Interserver User Satisfaction

    "InterServer has been great so far!"

    I haven’t had interServer very long, in fact I am still setting things up. I previously had BlueHost and have now transferred most of the relevant things over to interServer. Things I already love about interServer: Customer Service!!! They have great customer service and a real live, understandable person answers the phone and quickly takes care of the problem. I called them before I signed up to ask some questions about the TOS, and I have called them twice (with admittedly dumb questions on my part). Not intentionally dumb, I just didn’t know about the somewhat new rules concerning domain transfers and some of the pertinent e-mail was in my spam folder so the domains were not transferring properly. Then again when my add-on domains were not setting up properly. Every time I called interServer they were nice, helpful and didn’t make me feel dumb, even though I was. DNS was easy to change for existing domains and easy to set for new domain. interServer supplies free SSL which as also easy to set up for all domains. So far, everything has been great! And I love it that they don’t raise the price upon renewal.

    Yes, recommend

    "VPS Server Owner"

    I have been a customer of Interserver for several years and they have always exceeded my expectations. I’m a mid to low level re-seller and webmaster. Interserver has a help desk the ROCKS! Most recently my old server had outlived its useful life and the CentOS version was going past its support window. Besides that, CPanel changed its cost structure making it way more expensive than its worth. Luck with advise from Interserver and MUCH HELP we made the move to a current version of CentOS7 paired with DirectAdmin. I have to say that DirectAdmin will take some getting used to. Time spent visiting all of the different ways to ADMIN is needed but in the end worth the move. DirectAdmin price is back to the old CPanel price so it put me back where I was before. I would recommend Interserver mainly for Customer Support, secondly for price and lastly for flexibility with VPS applications that fit my needs that are easy to use for my low level experience. I can always depend on Interserver to help keep my websites going. Cheers!

    Yes, recommend

    Chris "Dirty" Dyer

    "Top of the Line if Every Way"

    I am writing this review for to let everyone know how the service is. I know there are many hosting companies out there and many of them are very good. I can tell you one thing. I have not regretted making this move around a month ago. I moved four websites to Interserver and have not regretted it. Two get heavy traffic and two don’t get much traffic at all.

    I will tell you; I didn’t want to move hosting companies. I was with my old hosting company for 4 years and was very happy with it. I will not tell the name of it because I don’t want any bad press to get back to them that is unwarranted. This company did nothing wrong to lose my business. just had a deal I couldn’t pass up, along with a $5 a month price increase on my old hosting.

    Interserver has the most cost-efficient WordPress hosting I have seen, especially if you pay for multiple months in advance. I moved one of my sites to WordPress hosting for one site and it is running like a sewing machine and is faster than ever. My other three sites are on one server and we are only paying about a 1/3rd cheaper a month for a nice server size that will hold all your databases and resources.


    Now let’s get to the most important part. The switch from my old provider to interserver. I can tell you that it was seamless. They move every site for free. They scan every site for viruses before going live. They test the sites and make sure they are running smoothly before letting you know they are ready to go live. I had virtually zero downtime. All that was needed was your login to the cPanel, Plesk or whatever dashboard and user interface that you have.

    The ticket system and live chat are outstanding. I have yet to have to make a call over any of my moving over to their site. The response time is usually within a few minutes on chat and 30 minutes on a ticket. Sometimes it is longer, but that is to be expected from time to time.

    The user interface once you login is very simple and easy to use. All your options are easy to find. Logging into cPanel, finding billing, customer support, your servers, domains, and all of that is well laid out and easy to use. Once you login to cPanel it has automatic backups and virus scans. Most of the places you must pay for backups and virus service. This comes included with most packages.

    Another key thing is you always have a price lock guarantee where your hosting will not go up if you are there. Some places have introductory offers and then the price sometimes doubles once the introductory offer is completed.

    I can tell you this. I am very happy and glad I made the move to Interserver. I am so pleased I am going to start advertising them on my websites so I can help spread the word to others. I was sent an email and asked to write a review and I told them I had to wait a while to see how things went over a few weeks. I can tell I am going to enjoy my time at I am also going to be moving the other five websites myself and my partner own over to Interserver once our hosting contracts are up for renewal.

    Yes, recommend

    Hamdy Ahmed

    "Bad Support with no trust in customers"

    Actually so bad support and They are doing some mistakes and disable some features to let you pay again. You should pay for everything even their mistakes. Just spent 3 days with not useful tickets replies at all.

    I was able to use RD and after they install plesk, I couldn’t login to VPS again through RD so logically who installed plesk may disable some features or changed my root password and after that they are asking me to pay 30$ to change my root password !!! I don’t recommend.

    No, don't recommend

    Elias Vathias

    "Great choice for a wide range of users"

    Scalable pricing, really easy upgrade or downgrade, responsible and professional support 24h, practically no down-time.

    Yes, recommend

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