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Interserver Review Summary

With a decent mix of performance and reliability combined with fixed prices, Interserver is a reasonable choice of web host. Their offer many value-added services that are useful, such as free migration and site cleaning to sweeten their plans as well.
Response Time

Interserver Pros

  • 20-year track record in web hosting
  • In-house customer support
  • No price hike on renewal
  • Cleans up hacked or exploited accounts
  • Free website migration
  • Cheap domain name registration
  • Delivery of email is guaranteed
  • Servers only filled to 50% capacity
  • Free SitePad website builder
  • Highly configurable VPS hosting plans

Interserver Cons

  • Only US-based data centers
  • Limited developer tools
  • No free domain name

Editor's Review & Recommendation

Interserver can be a great choice for a wide range of users. Their fixed pricing scheme that offers discounted rates for users that pay annually is refreshing, given that so many hosts mark up their prices highly upon renewal.

The plans are suitable for almost everyone from novices to seasoned users, but there are some caveats to this. For example, if you’re an experienced user that needs some development tools on their shared plans, those aren’t readily available.

Likewise, users who are looking for very specific things such as a good choice of hosting server locations will be a little disappointed. Nevertheless, overall they have a good range of products and combine that with decent performance.

interserver fix pricing policy
Interserver do not jack up their price on renewal.

For Newbies and Individual Bloggers

With a track record of over two decades in the web hosting business, Interserver topped our list as the best web hosting for bloggers. Their fixed pricing scheme makes this an economy solution for both newbies and bloggers.

This is especially true if you also take advantage of their $1.99 domain name offer – something that’s hard to find at any other place. 

Interserver Performance

Interserver Shared Hosting Uptime

Shared hosting uptime for Interserver is tracked from the US, with seven backup locations. Average uptime for the past 30 days has been 100.00%.

Interserver Shared Hosting Response Time

Average aggregate response speed for Interserver is 129.39ms. Interserver shared hosting response time is checked every four hours from ten locations.

Interserver Plans & Pricing

Interserver Shared Hosting
Standard Web Hosting
/per month
Unlimited website
Unlimited storage
Unlimited data transfer
Weekly backups
LiteSpeed web server
Price lock guarantee
Free SSL certificates
Domain registration - $1.99/year

Interserver VPS/Cloud Hosting
1 Core
/per month
1 CPU core
2 GB memory
30 GB SSD storage
1 TB data transfer

3 Core
/per month
3 CPU cores
6 GB memory
90 GB SSD storage
3 TB data transfer

6 Core
/per month
6 CPU cores
12 GB memory
180 GB SSD storage
6 TB data transfer

Interserver User Satisfaction

    Rami Darweesh

    "Great host"

    i have tried a lot of hosting servers where most of services are paid and functionality is questioned !

    When i try Interserver i do really loves the simplicity and the great super support they give as the super functionalities which comes with the host plan .
    i really do recommend this hosting company … Great job guys .

    Yes, recommend

    "Servers are down very often"

    Interserver is a cheap hosting service with 85% reliability. Servers are down very often. My nonprofit organization would choose other hosting company if we could afford it.

    No, don't recommend

    "Good Web Hosting"

    All I’d say is price lock guarantee, good support, almost all the features, and overuse allowed. No free domain though. It was able to handle the traffic of 250k people easily.

    Yes, recommend

    John McIntosh

    "Superlative Web Hosting"

    I own over 100 domain names and built my first website in 1998. I’ve worked with several web hosting companies and without question, hands-down is the best.

    The hosting company that is second place is in a very distant second place.

    Prices are very competitive and the Interserver Tech Support Team is world class. They are smart, courteous, quick to respond and very helpful.

    Yes, recommend

    "Don't be deterred by negative reviews - BEST hosting I found! "

    I am limited tech wise when it comes to the back end of the hosting, I am able to manage everything once working and set up so for me I was very worried I would be stuck with sites that are not working and can’t invest in a webmaster atm.

    I used to be with JustHost which deteriorated allot since my first signup about a decade ago but didn’t change because I was afraid of having trouble with sites if moving them and since I am on a budget I can’t afford a webmaster to fix the anticipated problems of moving what ever needed for my sites to work as one of them has customer admin and such. So I delayed until JustHost had to downgrade my php software because it wasn’t’ compatible, so they say…and as I am not a specialist I had to take their words for it, then couldn’t use my admin panel nothing was working well anymore. So I searched for a new host and really wanted a host long term without being ripped off in renewal.

    My experience so far is that Interserver have gone above and beyond to get all my sites to work properly and a very timely manner. The hosting is cheap and same price on renewal, couldn’t be happier.

    If you are like me with limited funds to invest in your sites and not tech savvy when it comes to set up you will love this hosting. Don’t be afraid of the negative reviews, I toke the leap and soo happy I did. Hope you do too, they deserve this positive review 10 fold! THANK YOU INTERSERVER!!!

    Yes, recommend

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