Interserver Review

Interserver Review Summary

With a decent mix of performance and reliability combined with fixed prices, Interserver is a reasonable choice of web host. Their offer many value-added services that are useful, such as free migration and site cleaning to sweeten their plans as well.
Response Time

Interserver Pros

  • 20-year track record in web hosting
  • In-house customer support
  • No price hike on renewal
  • Cleans up hacked or exploited accounts
  • Free website migration
  • Cheap domain name registration
  • Delivery of email is guaranteed
  • Servers only filled to 50% capacity
  • Free SitePad website builder
  • Highly configurable VPS hosting plans

Interserver Cons

  • Only US-based data centers
  • Limited developer tools
  • No free domain name

Editor's Review & Recommendation

Interserver Overview

Interserver can be a great choice for a wide range of users. Their fixed pricing scheme (for VPS hosting) that offers discounted rates for users that pay annually is refreshing, given that so many hosts mark up their prices highly upon renewal.

The plans are suitable for almost everyone from novices to seasoned users, but there are some caveats to this. For example, if you’re an experienced user that needs some development tools on their shared plans, those aren’t readily available.

Likewise, users who are looking for very specific things such as a good choice of hosting server locations will be a little disappointed. Nevertheless, overall they have a good range of products and combine that with decent performance.

Interserver new shared hosting pricings
Interserver's new pricing model: Shared plan starts at $2.50 per month for first year and $7 per month thereafter.

Different Use-Cases with Interserver Hosting Services

1. For Newbies and Individual Bloggers

With a track record of over two decades in the web hosting business, Interserver topped our list as the best web hosting for bloggers. Their fixed pricing scheme makes this an economy solution for both newbies and bloggers.

This is especially true if you also take advantage of their $1.99 domain name offer – something that’s hard to find at any other place. 

One thing to take note of is that Interserver imposes a daily signup limit for new customers. The reason for this "Daily Web Hosting Capacity Limit" is to avoid overloading the support department.

This is good for their customers since it helps ensure quality standards.

Interserver Performance

Interserver Shared Hosting Uptime

Shared hosting uptime for Interserver is tracked from the US, with seven backup locations. Average uptime for the past 30 days has been 100.00%.

Interserver Shared Hosting Response Time

Average aggregate response speed for Interserver is 127.13ms. Interserver shared hosting response time is checked every four hours from ten locations.

Interserver Plans & Pricing

Interserver Shared Hosting
Standard Web Hosting
/per month
Unlimited website
Unlimited storage
Unlimited data transfer
Weekly backups
LiteSpeed web server
Price lock guarantee
Free SSL certificates
Domain registration - $1.99/year

Interserver VPS/Cloud Hosting
1 Core
/per month
1 CPU core
2 GB memory
30 GB SSD storage
1 TB data transfer

3 Core
/per month
3 CPU cores
6 GB memory
90 GB SSD storage
3 TB data transfer

6 Core
/per month
6 CPU cores
12 GB memory
180 GB SSD storage
6 TB data transfer

Interserver User Satisfaction

    Vikash Sharma

    "InterServer VPS hosting trial only at $0.01 "

    What I like about InterServer they give me a chance to test their VPS hosting at $0.01 for the first month using coupon code (PENYDEAL) while other hosting companies don’t provide trial in their VPS hosting plan also its customer service department, availability, speed is appreciable.

    Yes, recommend

    Shubham Chopra

    "Worth Every Penny You Spend"

    I definitely recommend InterServer to be your hosting provider because of their support and price lock guarantee feature.

    I have been hosting my site for the past 2 years and the experience has been great.

    Shubham Chopra

    Yes, recommend

    Romero Priya

    "They Offer Outstanding Service for My Project"

    Interserver does a great job. Virtually no downtime and when a problem arises, the team fixes it very quickly.

    I Highly Recommend!

    Yes, recommend

    "Great value for money"

    i am a blogger

    I Loved It

    Yes, recommend

    Chess Sameer

    ""Best service ever!""

    We had our website(s) hosted in New Zealand for a few years. They had a helpdesk that didn’t help..

    Since we have our website(s) with Interserver we have the support we always dreamed off! Best helpdesk ever.

    They will support you and are standby 24/7. We needed them the last few weeks several times for different reasons and they are great!

    very good value for money.

    Yes, recommend

    ""Recommended hosting with Super value for money""

    I’ve been utilizing InterServer’s companies for nearly 3 years – “accountable” for my resolution is buddy’s recommendation from WHSR.

    Throughout all that interval We had few points and all of them had been been resolved tremendous quick. Help by way of ticket system is excellent however an actual gem is a assist by way of dwell chat… it doesn’t matter what query I requested, the adviser was in a position to rapidly give me an data and resolve points.

    The costs and the efficiency are balanced on buyer satisfaction.

    IMO, Interserver is without doubt one of the greatest internet hosting supplier, that I ever used.

    Yes, recommend

    "Recommended hosting best for money"

    I have been using Interserver services. It offers special rates for non-profits with the proper registration documentation.

    Yes, recommend

    Hans Christian Ihlen

    "VPS: Cheap and fast support, but unsecure."

    I’ve tried their VPS hosting and I was very pleased until I noticed a major security issue.
    I noticed in the Security Log that someone from IP’s all over the world tries to login almost every second.

    I asked support about this and they told me a service called RDP Defender was preinstalled, but in my case it wasn’t started and would not started after any reboot so I had to start it manually. RDP defender blocks the IP if someone tried to log on unsuccessfully 5 times by adding a rule in the Windows Firewall.

    I also tried their suggestion of changing the RDP port but still just as many attacks.
    However I really don’t think this is good enough.

    1. I can’t rely on that service to run.
    2. If I use a different firewall than Windows build in firewall it will have no effect.
    3. Performance on the network will not be as good due to so many attempts all the time.

    I asked them several times why they don’t resolve this issue with their own network firewall, but they never answered me, they just referred to the RDP Defender. I my opinion their solution for this is very unprofessional and a major security risk.

    However, if security is of no concern to you and you want a cheap VPS, InterServer is your choice.

    No, don't recommend



    price should be no misleading, it should be same for one year, two year and three years

    No, don't recommend

    "Maximum Value"

    Interserver offers special rates for non-profits with the proper registration documentation.

    Yes, recommend

    Lyrics Wing

    "Best hosting"

    This is very best hosting i am using this hosting across one year … The is really best hosting

    Yes, recommend

    Ban Sharma

    "VPS Servers are better"

    VPS Server is good. Even in terms of pricing it’s affordable than other web hosts.

    Yes, recommend

    Bank Hirun

    "Reliable and Professional in very good budjet."

    I found from search under best web hosting . Even this hosting are not the top 5 like siteground,bluehost,hostgator. But with my experience since around 1 year, I can say I happy with the reliable and very good support. The first time we worry the the distance and language but never found trouble.

    Keep doing well,!

    Yes, recommend

    "Best hosting at affordable prices"

    Had used their services since last 3 years. Had issues with them but resolved in few attempts.

    But last year their windows hosting is totally down for many days and our site completely shut down. once the issue is resolved they migrated all mysql database to mariadb which is very frustrating. so they must have to improve their security system for their hosting to prevent these types of situations.

    I just recommended because of their great support via email or chat which is also declining since last few months.

    Yes, recommend

    Lyrics Wing

    "Yes I Recommended Interserver"

    I have been using InterServer’s services for almost 3 years – “responsible” for my decision is friend’s recommendation from WHSR.

    During all that period We had few issues and all of them were been resolved super fast. Support via ticket system is very good but a real gem is a support via live chat… no matter what question I asked, the adviser was able to quickly give me an information and resolve issues.

    Yes, recommend

    "I would like to recommend this company"

    I had hosting issues so i looked out for host that could handle Drupal. Interserver does a great job. Virtually no downtime and when a problem arises, the team fixes it very quickly. Plus, no limits on bandwidth or storage. I’ve used a number of different hosts in the past and wouldn’t think of changing now that I’ve found such a good one.

    Yes, recommend

    "Best for Startups, Great Customer Service"

    I have been using Interserver for a year now and I’m yet to face any issues..

    They are good in this business and their customer service are always there to assist me.

    I highly recommend Interserver.

    Yes, recommend

    "I would Recommend Interserver"

    I must Confess, Interserve have really been trying for me as I’ve been using it for over 4years Now

    Yes, recommend

    "I recommend you guys on a 100 scale"

    You guys are the best, fast and reliable

    Yes, recommend

    Eduardo Litonjua

    "Great for dedicated hosting"

    I’ve found Interserver’s dedicated hosting fantastic for the price I paid. Even if they aren’t a very well known brand, I think it actually plays to their advantage since they provide a price lock guarantee and do not hike rates up a year after.

    In terms of reliability, they aren’t as good as Siteground but with such competitive pricing I think I’m willing to forego this issue. Support is also great so no complaints on my end.

    Yes, recommend

    "Best for Dedicated Hosting"

    Interserver is an ideal and highly affordable host if you are going to launch your next dedicated box. A server with dedicated hardware at $80 is a great deal to start with honestly.

    Yes, recommend

    Ishan Sid

    "Interserver is fraud hosting company." hosting is scam
    I alway recommend a best hosting provider for blog and website like hostinger and a2hosting both are very good host.

    They just want your money and do fake promise. I hosted on this fraud hosting and they deleted my website without any reason. And don’t have any backup of my website. i losted my 3 years hard work. after that i created new website in 2020 and hosted on a2hosting.

    No, don't recommend

    "Their support team slid down hill recently and I need a new hosting platform now. "

    When I went with them, they were awesome, quick response times, knew their stuff, on top of things, incredibly helpful. After being with them for a few years, things were great until one day they weren’t. All of a sudden anything that goes wrong is now my fault, even when they have to make modifications. They refuse to actually look at the problems you tell them you are having. I have multiple support tickets open at one time that aren’t being resolved. When I try alternate methods, live chat, phone calls, whatever, its the same treatment. If I wanted to have to do their job for them, I would host a server in house… I’m leaving interserver. I wish they would get rid of their crappy support team and get people who know what they are doing.

    No, don't recommend

    "I strongly recommend this host"

    There customer’s service is the best. They will help you fix any issue you have. I remember when I just moved to intersever, it was free, they helped fixed all issues, they help fixed my slow site and other SEO issue, they even helped me get to the first page of google ranking for my niche. My Adsense moved from 0.2 – 1 dollar range per day to 50 dollar.

    There price is fair, they even worked out a customized hosting plan for me based on my need. Everything is unlimited. Trust me when I tell you that I used 50gig space on shared hosting and no complains, though when I go better at Optimizing, I was able to reduce it myself to 10gig. they allow monthy payment and two weeks grace to pay after payment day has passed, note that your website will still be online for that two days, they do refund easily.. Even when I had a recurring charge that as meant for something else. They still did the refund.

    There dashboard is light and awesome, it had everything I needed, tons of great features. I give them a 9.9 score out of 10.

    The only con is just to increase the seed so that slightly heavy site can still perform well.

    Yes, recommend

    Jake D. Parsons

    "No complaints"

    I really only have good things to say about Interserver. For the price, service, speed, and in-house control panel it cannot be beat. I use thier webhosting and VPS services and very pleased with both.

    Yes, recommend

    "InterServer has been great so far!"

    I haven’t had interServer very long, in fact I am still setting things up. I previously had BlueHost and have now transferred most of the relevant things over to interServer. Things I already love about interServer: Customer Service!!! They have great customer service and a real live, understandable person answers the phone and quickly takes care of the problem. I called them before I signed up to ask some questions about the TOS, and I have called them twice (with admittedly dumb questions on my part). Not intentionally dumb, I just didn’t know about the somewhat new rules concerning domain transfers and some of the pertinent e-mail was in my spam folder so the domains were not transferring properly. Then again when my add-on domains were not setting up properly. Every time I called interServer they were nice, helpful and didn’t make me feel dumb, even though I was. DNS was easy to change for existing domains and easy to set for new domain. interServer supplies free SSL which as also easy to set up for all domains. So far, everything has been great! And I love it that they don’t raise the price upon renewal.

    Yes, recommend

    "VPS Server Owner"

    I have been a customer of Interserver for several years and they have always exceeded my expectations. I’m a mid to low level re-seller and webmaster. Interserver has a help desk the ROCKS! Most recently my old server had outlived its useful life and the CentOS version was going past its support window. Besides that, CPanel changed its cost structure making it way more expensive than its worth. Luck with advise from Interserver and MUCH HELP we made the move to a current version of CentOS7 paired with DirectAdmin. I have to say that DirectAdmin will take some getting used to. Time spent visiting all of the different ways to ADMIN is needed but in the end worth the move. DirectAdmin price is back to the old CPanel price so it put me back where I was before. I would recommend Interserver mainly for Customer Support, secondly for price and lastly for flexibility with VPS applications that fit my needs that are easy to use for my low level experience. I can always depend on Interserver to help keep my websites going. Cheers!

    Yes, recommend

    Chris "Dirty" Dyer

    "Top of the Line if Every Way"

    I am writing this review for to let everyone know how the service is. I know there are many hosting companies out there and many of them are very good. I can tell you one thing. I have not regretted making this move around a month ago. I moved four websites to Interserver and have not regretted it. Two get heavy traffic and two don’t get much traffic at all.

    I will tell you; I didn’t want to move hosting companies. I was with my old hosting company for 4 years and was very happy with it. I will not tell the name of it because I don’t want any bad press to get back to them that is unwarranted. This company did nothing wrong to lose my business. just had a deal I couldn’t pass up, along with a $5 a month price increase on my old hosting.

    Interserver has the most cost-efficient WordPress hosting I have seen, especially if you pay for multiple months in advance. I moved one of my sites to WordPress hosting for one site and it is running like a sewing machine and is faster than ever. My other three sites are on one server and we are only paying about a 1/3rd cheaper a month for a nice server size that will hold all your databases and resources.


    Now let’s get to the most important part. The switch from my old provider to interserver. I can tell you that it was seamless. They move every site for free. They scan every site for viruses before going live. They test the sites and make sure they are running smoothly before letting you know they are ready to go live. I had virtually zero downtime. All that was needed was your login to the cPanel, Plesk or whatever dashboard and user interface that you have.

    The ticket system and live chat are outstanding. I have yet to have to make a call over any of my moving over to their site. The response time is usually within a few minutes on chat and 30 minutes on a ticket. Sometimes it is longer, but that is to be expected from time to time.

    The user interface once you login is very simple and easy to use. All your options are easy to find. Logging into cPanel, finding billing, customer support, your servers, domains, and all of that is well laid out and easy to use. Once you login to cPanel it has automatic backups and virus scans. Most of the places you must pay for backups and virus service. This comes included with most packages.

    Another key thing is you always have a price lock guarantee where your hosting will not go up if you are there. Some places have introductory offers and then the price sometimes doubles once the introductory offer is completed.

    I can tell you this. I am very happy and glad I made the move to Interserver. I am so pleased I am going to start advertising them on my websites so I can help spread the word to others. I was sent an email and asked to write a review and I told them I had to wait a while to see how things went over a few weeks. I can tell I am going to enjoy my time at I am also going to be moving the other five websites myself and my partner own over to Interserver once our hosting contracts are up for renewal.

    Yes, recommend

    Hamdy Ahmed

    "Bad Support with no trust in customers"

    Actually so bad support and They are doing some mistakes and disable some features to let you pay again. You should pay for everything even their mistakes. Just spent 3 days with not useful tickets replies at all.

    I was able to use RD and after they install plesk, I couldn’t login to VPS again through RD so logically who installed plesk may disable some features or changed my root password and after that they are asking me to pay 30$ to change my root password !!! I don’t recommend.

    No, don't recommend

    Elias Vathias

    "Great choice for a wide range of users"

    Scalable pricing, really easy upgrade or downgrade, responsible and professional support 24h, practically no down-time.

    Yes, recommend

    Christopher l May

    "Great Host for SMBs & Neophytes"

    Honestly, I selected InterServer because it was cheap and offered access to the additional services that I wanted without additional charges — you know, things like unlimited email addresses that should come with hosting (and not require additional fees just to use an email server!)

    I have been with InterServer now for around five (5) months. Cpanel is of course just that and hosting comes with it, of course, just as do one-click installs of a bunch of server software (like WordPress) … It was nice also to have the web builder included, where almost all hosts try to charge you around $5/month.

    The one thing that sets InterServer apart from my prior hosting experiences (Go daddy twice and 1and1 now ionos maybe a dozen times) is that things so far haven’t gotten bunged up

    When so was with 1and1, you could pretty much count on having some sort of issue with your domains not propagating, even not having them assigned to you for up to a MONTH which in one case meant that so lost the domain I had thought I bought to someone else.)

    While 1and1 proved themselves uncaring and incompetent, GoDaddy seemed a little bloodthirsty when it came to my money (dang, 1and1 used to be spool cheap – but it showed) … And not that easy to use their back end, but that could just be me.


    Anyway, so far so good at InterServer. Not one screw up so far with lots of available included functionality that I love so its cheap (loads cheaper than even GoDaddy, Ionos or even that disgusting smear “joohost.” slimy.)

    For my money and more importantly trusting my host to not trip me and my business up when the chips are down, I choose InterServer and will continue to do so.

    Yes, recommend

    Ahmed Alshatub

    "This Host is Excellent"

    The support is excellent for them .

    Yes, recommend

    "Server downtime"

    I signed up for VPS on 31st of January with Direct Admin control panel. I received email with confirmation of VPS activation but did not receive any mail regarding Direct Admin. Even at the time of choosing Direct Admin services, I needed to create ticket to receive Direct Admin details. and I got it installed.

    For a few days I could not access my VPS and then on 4th of Feb 2020 I tried to access my VPS to upload my sites. To my surprise, my VPS was not accessible. I was able to ping the server but via browser as well as via SSH it was not accessible. I created a ticket and after some time tried to connect with Live chat and they confirmed that senior techs are looking at the issue and will be resolved and up soon. but since few hours passed and my server is still down.

    I am struggling with Live chat which InterServer probably outsourced and are not able to resolve the issue. This is the performance when I have not hosted even a single file. I hope they will make my VPS UP also my feedback may help others to choose a good hosting company.

    No, don't recommend

    "Just how web hosting should be!"

    Hi guys,

    A month ago I signed up for a free 30 day trial web hosting account with Interserver the support is excellent, server down time zero, no lag, no issues at all, flawless! The free trial no restrictions. I started working on my wp site speed was excellent and no problems! I’m hooked perfect! I’m very impressed, now I’m going to not only sign up but move the rest of my dedicated services over to you guys. Thanks very much Interserver for a job well done hats off to the hard working dedicated staff, ur awesome! A very very happy Brad M.

    Brad M.

    Yes, recommend

    Maher Ali Hujairi

    "Bad support"

    if you are considering this hosting make sure you know what you are getting into

    I have been chancing an issue with web deployment to my web site and their main response if what you have is not helping upgrade to have your pwn manged machine and do it your self.

    you cannot get a real professional on a phone or even on a chat window it work out your issues

    if you just want a word press hosting there are other hostings more professional and much more easy
    if you are looking for a hosting for a .net web application you far off better with another hosting or as they said getting your won online virtual server than using their service.

    so if their prices are cheap seems it just reflexes their service

    No, don't recommend

    Rami Darweesh

    "Great host"

    i have tried a lot of hosting servers where most of services are paid and functionality is questioned !

    When i try Interserver i do really loves the simplicity and the great super support they give as the super functionalities which comes with the host plan .
    i really do recommend this hosting company … Great job guys .

    Yes, recommend

    "Servers are down very often"

    Interserver is a cheap hosting service with 85% reliability. Servers are down very often. My nonprofit organization would choose other hosting company if we could afford it.

    No, don't recommend

    "Good Web Hosting"

    All I’d say is price lock guarantee, good support, almost all the features, and overuse allowed. No free domain though. It was able to handle the traffic of 250k people easily.

    Yes, recommend

    John McIntosh

    "Superlative Web Hosting"

    I own over 100 domain names and built my first website in 1998. I’ve worked with several web hosting companies and without question, hands-down is the best.

    The hosting company that is second place is in a very distant second place.

    Prices are very competitive and the Interserver Tech Support Team is world class. They are smart, courteous, quick to respond and very helpful.

    Yes, recommend

    "Don't be deterred by negative reviews - BEST hosting I found! "

    I am limited tech wise when it comes to the back end of the hosting, I am able to manage everything once working and set up so for me I was very worried I would be stuck with sites that are not working and can’t invest in a webmaster atm.

    I used to be with JustHost which deteriorated allot since my first signup about a decade ago but didn’t change because I was afraid of having trouble with sites if moving them and since I am on a budget I can’t afford a webmaster to fix the anticipated problems of moving what ever needed for my sites to work as one of them has customer admin and such. So I delayed until JustHost had to downgrade my php software because it wasn’t’ compatible, so they say…and as I am not a specialist I had to take their words for it, then couldn’t use my admin panel nothing was working well anymore. So I searched for a new host and really wanted a host long term without being ripped off in renewal.

    My experience so far is that Interserver have gone above and beyond to get all my sites to work properly and a very timely manner. The hosting is cheap and same price on renewal, couldn’t be happier.

    If you are like me with limited funds to invest in your sites and not tech savvy when it comes to set up you will love this hosting. Don’t be afraid of the negative reviews, I toke the leap and soo happy I did. Hope you do too, they deserve this positive review 10 fold! THANK YOU INTERSERVER!!!

    Yes, recommend

    "Really good"

    I was looking for a host that could handle Drupal. Interserver does a great job. Virtually no downtime and when a problem arises, the team fixes it very quickly. Plus, no limits on bandwidth or storage. I’ve used a number of different hosts in the past and wouldn’t think of changing now that I’ve found such a good one.

    Yes, recommend

    Noman Chorghay

    "This host is recommended to individual or a company who is looking for the best hosting server, best price and best and prompt service "

    Since 2013, I am hosting all my clients website on VPS from Interserver. Last year in 2018 one of my clients who wanted to host 4 online technical magazines and 1 eCommerce site on their own VPS, I just recommended Interserver. For all these 6 years I never had any downtime. And whenever I needed any support or any management task for some of my clients website for configuration issue, they were quick to respond and resolve the issue. They have great support team and their technical head John has great knowledge, and he himself attends the ticket when any of the team member is not able to resolve the issue. They respond to call almost immediately or at the most within 2 hours. They also have live chat available 24/7. If you want hassle free hosting, I will recommend you to go for Interserver.

    Yes, recommend

    "Interserver does the business."

    I have tried a few hosts lately, none compare to the support from Interserver. They are very professional but friendly too.
    I had my new site up and running in no time. Shame other hosting companies do not do the same.
    The pricing is set at a reasonable cost. With unlimited bandwidth. I am thinking of transfering more of my domains over to them. Many thanks for a complete service.

    Yes, recommend

    Chris Hellon


    I chose to use Interserver as i’d read good things about them online. I was looking for a quick turn around to get my website live within a day, oh how I was wrong.

    I purchased Web Hosting on 3/10/2019 using PayPal, the total cost was $60.99 for 1 year hosting and domain registration, I thought this was reasonable. Having tried to pay with PayPal I received an error message saying the transaction was not successful, no worries, i’ll pay with credit card instead. That transaction succeeded, at least I thought it did. I checked my bank account, and it was actually the PayPal transaction that succeeded and not my credit card. This already had me worried, and concerned about where my money had gone.

    I waited all afternoon hoping the transaction would go through, which it did in the late afternoon. I kept refreshing my Interserver admin page to see if my hosting was enabled yet. Nope. Two days later, I receive and email stating they were unable to apply $47.01 to my invoice, despite the money being physically taken out of my bank at this point. How is this even possible?!

    I spoke to an advisor on live chat who directed me to an invoice page, which showed I need to pay an additional $6.99 for domain registration, for the same domain i’d already paid for!

    It’s now 4 days after I purchased hosting, and i’ve still not had it approved yet. I’ll be cancelling the hosting and domain as I really don’t trust this company. Stay away, and use a more reputable provider.

    No, don't recommend

    "Affordable and Reliable Services "

    We need to work daily on server and requires more space at all the times. As company we have daily changes and updates are required. I am happy that Interserver team provides support 24X7 and they respond quickly with solution. I am happy and highly recommend Interserver to everyone who is looking for affordable and reliable server partner.

    Yes, recommend


    Inter server took our site and portal and did not migrate it properly into the ISP to host, we lost our database and also since being with them we were hacked and had spam all over our portal.

    we joint them then them ost our data they dod not fix this for two months id had hundreds of daily live chat to people that didn’t do anything sent over 100 emails.. I had to pay thousands to get a specialist in and it was shown that inter-server was not using the latest version of SQL, the did not migrate the site over a click to open the database activate it. They also did not check they migrated the site .they refused to compensate us went to a manager MATT he was so rude and dismissive after we lost ten of thousands of dollars it took two months and independent teams to see that it was 100% inter-servers issues as they should have realised manually migrated the site and also used a later copy of my SQL as their old version was not allowing for new sites for an ISP to be this bad they should be in court . they assured me it will never happen again I paid then last week and they have done it all over again our site database for searches is now not work again since they resent it I’ve asked for an old back up for the site ,now we are in the same position you can’t get anyone to help and stay and get a tec on to fix things worst isp very do not go to them they bad at services cant migrate do not fix issues for months you spend your life on chats no one is assigned to fix manger issues they didn’t use current software and , I still don’t have a working site they didn’t migrate the database over properly and now I’m stuck in the Interserver nightmare how do I see to see if we can suspend them from being an ISP they are the WORST any help please killing our business.

    No, don't recommend

    Robert van de Wetering

    "Best service ever!"

    We had our website(s) hosted in New Zealand for a few years. They had a helpdesk that didn’t help..

    Since we have our website(s) with Interserver we have the support we always dreamed off! Best helpdesk ever.

    They will support you and are standby 24/7. We needed them the last few weeks several times for different reasons and they are great!

    very good value for money.

    Yes, recommend

    "Excellent service "

    Interserver offers special rates for non-profits with the proper registration documentation.

    Yes, recommend

    James Tibbets

    "Maximum Value"

    I’m usually on a budget. For $5/month I was willing to try out. My God …

    I’m just going to tell you a story:

    I was having an issue with something. I hate talking on the phone so I figured I’d try the online support option. I asked my question and an employee promptly responded. Suggestion didn’t work. Very quickly, another person took the support ticket and their suggestion didn’t work either.

    I went through two or three people and then this other guy jumped on the support ticket and made a suggestion. I tried it and it worked. Later, I was looking through the InterServer website and I found out that the guy who answered my question with a fix was the VICE PRESIDENT of the company.

    Come on! $5/month AND the vice president will try to help you if all else fails? You can’t beat this host!

    Also, if you’re a techie like me, you’ll find out that their servers are higher quality and run better software than the competition. SSDs and LiteSpeed for $5? Sign me the f-ck up!

    Yes, recommend

    "Recommended hosting with great value for money"

    I have been using InterServer’s services for almost 3 years – “responsible” for my decision is friend’s recomendation from WHSR. 🙂

    During all that period We had few issues and all of them were been resolved super fast. Support via ticket system is very good but a real gem is a support via live chat… no matter what question I asked, the adviser was able to quickly give me an information and resolve issues.

    The prices and the performance are balanced on customer satisfaction.

    IMO, Interserver is one of the best hosting provider, that I ever used.

    Yes, recommend

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