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Hostens Review Summary

Based in Lithuania, Hostens has grown steadily since its conception in 2003. Over time they’ve steadily expanded in both size and services. Despite this, the company manages to retain excellent prices across their entire range.
Response Time

Hostens Pros

  • Server locations in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Additional business services & support
  • Compehensive knowledge base
  • Good range of plans for scaling
  • No overselling policy in all plans

Hostens Cons

  • No site migration assistance
  • No free .com domain

Editor's Review & Recommendation

With many major web hosting companies being based out of the US, it is refreshing to see a success story from Lithuania. Hostens product lines cover web hosting, domain names, and security products in very clear offerings.

Hostens has its servers in Lithuania, Singapore and the US which gives its users a good strategic scope to choose from. They are obviously targeted at the budget-oriented crowd. Shared hosting plans start from an extremely modest $.90 per month and cap off at $3.60. 

The surprise in their repertoire comes in the form of their VPS hosting plans which enter at a mind-boggling $1.80 per month. This is nearly unheard of and despite very minimal capacity in resources on those plans, can be considered a steal. It’s important to note that is you need the use of a control panel like Plesk or cPanel, prices shoot up.

Unusually for a web hosting provider, Hostens also has a VPN that is affordable as well. But this is rather dampened by the fact that all their VPS plans have limited bandwidth for use. As a whole, a decent provider which doesn’t over-promise on its products.

Hostens user dashboard
Demo: Hostens client area - to manage billing, order new services, and manage account logins.
Hostens network information
Hostens run their server transparently. Users can check their network performance and run own speed tests at this page.

Hostens Performance

Hostens Shared Hosting Uptime

Shared hosting uptime for Hostens is tracked from the US, with seven backup locations. Average uptime for the past 30 days has been 97.37%.

Hostens Shared Hosting Response Time

Average aggregate response speed for Hostens is 158.11ms. Hostens shared hosting response time is checked every four hours from ten locations.

Hostens Plans & Pricing

Hostens Shared Hosting
/per month
10 websites
10 GB storage
1 TB data transfer
100 email accounts
Server in EU, USA, Asia

/per month
20 websites
20 GB storage
2 TB data transfer
200 email accounts
Server in EU, USA, Asia

/per month
40 websites
40 GB storage
4 TB data transfer
400 email accounts
Server in EU, USA, Asia

Hostens VPS/Cloud Hosting
/per month
20 GB disk space
2 TB data transfer
1 CPU core

/per month
40 GB disk space
4 TB data transfer
1 CPU core

/per month
80 GB disk space
8 TB data transfer
2 CPU core

Hostens User Satisfaction

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