3 Best Hosting You Can Find for the UK

3 Best Hosting You Can Find for the UK


The web hosting companies we’ve picked as the ideal choices for UK-based web hosting not only offer good performance but also meet GDPR compliance. Other features and advantages combine to put Hostinger, AltusHost and Hostens atop our list.

1. Hostinger UK

Hostinger UK


Hostinger has good choices in data center locations. It is also has a strong EU presence and has localized operations in many regions.

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Hostinger UK Office: Nwms Center 31 Southampton Row, Office 3.11, 3rd Floor, London, England, WC1B 5HJ

Hostigner is an International brand that emerged out of Kaunas, Lithuania. This in itself bodes well for those seeking UK web hosting in so many ways. Most important of course is the fact that Lithuania is an EU member country.

They also have a London office and have localized many of their services around the world. This is a big part of what makes them so interesting for users in multiple locations. Sometimes, it simply helps if the service you use is close by – even digital ones.

Along with very attractive price points and a wide range of services, Hostinger customers can pick from seven data center locations around the world. Most relevant for those seeking to serve euro traffic will be the ones in the UK, the Netherlands, and Lithuania.

Hostinger is also the owner of 000WebHost and Zyro, subsidiaries of theirs that cater to different market segments.  Aside from web hosting, you can also get email hosting and domain names directly from Hostinger.

Key Highlights with Interserver

  • Data centers is seven locations
  • Wide range of hosting plans
  • UK-registered office

Hostinger Ratings & Performance

Response Time

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2. AltusHost

AltusHost - Web Host UK


AltusHost is perhaps the most EU-centric host we've seen to date. That means high standards of operation along with strict data regulation compliance for them.

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AltusHost HQ: Kingsfordweg 151, 1043 GR Amsterdam, Netherlands

For UK web hosting AltusHost is perhaps one of the biggest no-brainers around. If you navigate to their website the title bar says it all – European web hosting. They were founded in the Netherlands and Europe remains their primary stronghold across the board, not simply for the UK.

AltusHost servers reside in multiple countries across Europe including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and Bulgaria. Each of those servers reside in specially allocated AltusHost-only areas within the data centers.

The company branding is extremely business-oriented though, so that might not sit well for those seeking hosting for personal solutions. Look past the branding however, and look at the details. The prices are daily reasonable for what you’re getting even if you use it to host regular non-commercial sites.

Do be aware though, that AltusHost is one of the few web hosting companies around that does not charge in USD. They bill in Euros and after price conversion, may be a little steeper than some might expect.

Key Highlights with AltusHost

  • Extremely focused EU-based hosting
  • Wide range of plans and business services
  • 100% GDPR-compliant

AltusHost Ratings & Performance

Response Time

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3. Hostens

Hostens - Web Host UK


Hostens offer a wide range of web hosting plans for extremely low rates. Those who are looking for personal web hosting can consider going with one of their plans.

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Hostens HQ: J. Kubiliaus g. 6, Vilnius 08234, Lithuania

With the cutesy-hamster parked atop their website masthead and a tagline reading “Even your hamster can have a website now”, Hostens seems to be the polar opposite of the business-focused AltusHost.

This company is another that originates from Lithuania and was founded by true geeks, albeit ones with extensive server administration skills. Hostend may only have a single Lithuania-based data center, but they own and operate the entire thing.

If you’re looking for something more towards personal web hosting or if you don’t mind a web host with a hamster logo for business use, consider going with one of their plans. They offer almost everything from shared to WordPress and VPS plans – for extremely low rates.

One shortcoming here is that they don’t seem to have dedicated servers on offer. However, if you really need this, getting in touch with their team may yield customized solutions that can fit specific needs.

Key Highlights with Hostens

  • Strong range of budget-friendly plans
  • Self-owned Lithuania-based data center
  • Domain names and SSL available

Hostens Ratings & Performance

Response Time

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Finding the Best Web Hosts for the UK

The UK is fairly lucky when it comes to web hosting choice. Although most of the top web hosting providers are US-based, a large number do also have a presence somewhere in Europe. Prime locations include the UK itself and the Netherlands.

This consideration plus a few other factors makes it a little easier for those seeking web hosting for the UK. There is a wider range to choose from and many of the top names in the business often emerge among them. 

Finding the best web hosting partner for your business can make a big difference. This part of your digital investment can turn into your biggest boost, or a bottomless sink where time, money, and effort disappear.

GDPR Considerations

Preparing for the General Data Protection
Regulation (GDPR)
Here are the things to take note when preparing for GDPR (source).

Thanks to the strong GBP despite a hasty Eurozone exit, those seeking hosting in the UK remain in a rather good purchasing position. Most web hosts are also charging in US dollars, which makes it even more advantageous.

However, given the proximity the UK has to the eurozone, one matter still comes to the forefront despite Brexit – General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR. For those seeking UK-specific web hosting solutions, you need to take into accounts both GDPR as well as the UK Data Protection Act.

One problem that crops up in this area is that with so many US-based web hosting companies, GDPR isn’t a top priority for them. Some will claim compliance with US-EU Privacy Shield or other regulations, but that may not mean anything for euro traffic. For example, Privacy Shield itself has been ruled as invalid by the EU Court of Justice.

How this Affects Your Choice of Web Hosting

Even if you’re not seeking to serve only UK-specific web traffic, compliance is something that bears close consideration to. Most websites today will process data in one form and you barring all areas where you don’t comply with regulations is simply a massive headache not worth dealing with.

Aside from the things you need to adjust on your site itself, your web hosting should also be GDPR compliant in order to avoid problems. What we see on the surface of how web hosting works is quite simple – but the way data moves between their servers may not be.

Unless a web host specifically states that it is GDPR compliant, you cannot assume that it is. This alone is sufficient to potentially lead to fines and/or other penalties.

What Else to Look for in a UK Web Hosting Provider

While compliance may get you out of headaches caused by legislation, at the end of the day, where websites are concerned it takes many parts to make up a whole. There are other important criteria to consider when choosing the best hosting partner for your needs.


In almost all cases, web hosting is all about serving visitor traffic. If your site is 100% compliant but takes its sweet time to load, visitors will simply leave. Looking for a host that offers cutting-edge performance isn’t simply something that geeks pay attention to today.

Businesses need to know that website performance is a big factor that influences not just visitor experience, but even search rankings today. Studies have shown that lower-performing websites often lose out in customer conversions.

The important thing to realize here is that price does not always equate to the best performance. There have been occasions where decently priced shared hosting has been observed to offer good speeds as well.

Pricing versus Features

Because of that, looking for a web host with the lowest price isn’t exactly the best way to go about it. That is a big part of the reason why HostScore tracks and maintains records of how well certain web hosting providers perform.

In addition to performance, choosing a hosting partner with a good range of plans is a better idea. Even if you only need shared hosting at the moment, you will eventually need to grow your site, especially for business.

Migrating from one web host to another simply because there is no place left to grow is an unnecessary waste of time and money. Plan ahead and take note if the hosting partner you choose can cope with your growth trajectory.

These and many other factors should combine to guide your overall choice of best web hosting for the UK.


Thanks to Europe being such a massive congregation of nations, the ultimate result has become a bit of a nightmare in regulation. With its close proximity, anyone looking for hosting for the UK also needs to be concerned about this.

The web hosting companies we’ve picked as the ideal partners for UK-based web hosting offer good performance at a variety of price points. Some like AltusHost and Hostens even brand themselves aiming for specific markets.

This makes the list we’ve compiled here an especially exciting one to put together. Remember to plan your site needs out well and use it as a guideline towards finding the right solution that fits your needs.

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