The Best PrestaShop Hosting

The Best PrestaShop Hosting


Before we dive into the specifics, we’ve got to give it up for A2 Hosting for emerging the overall best PrestaShop hosting provider.

We’ve conducted numerous tests and confirmed that it indeed combines impressive performance with high-level web hosting features at reasonable prices.

Each of its three principal PrestaShop hosting packages offers a pre-installed version of the ecommerce platform, plus a range of exclusive hosting resources. You’ll even get an “A2-optimized” server that’s specifically configured for accelerated PrestaShop speeds and resource auto-scaling.

But if that doesn’t seem like a perfect fit, we’ve included the next four best PrestaShop hosting web hosts for your consideration- SiteGround, KnownHost, InMotion Hosting, and TMDHosting. The choice is yours.

Best Web Host for PrestaShop Websites

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting PrestaShop Hosting

Our Top Pick: A2 Hosting

Host one PrestaShop website for as low as $3.92/mo with SSD storage, free SSL, and Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

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Who A2 PrestaShop Hosting is for: While A2 Hosting goes beyond typical web hosting to offer even VPS and dedicated server packages, its strength lies in the shared hosting packages. They are great for PrestaShop users who wish to start small (read: cheap) but with the flexibility to grow and upgrade their hosting package later.

Why We Like A2 PrestaShop Hosting: Purchasing one of its three core PrestaShop hosting packages gives you an shared hosting account that’s already pre-installed with the eCommerce platform. The hosting provider further “A2 Optimizes” your system for auto-scaling and enhanced PrestaShop performance. 

This code-word essentially translates to pre-tuned servers, which come with PrestaShop compression, Memcaching, APC/OPcaching, plus Turbo Caching. 

Other Notable Features on A2 Hosting: Multiple data center options, free Cloudflare CDN, PrestaShop LiteSpeed Cache, Apache optimization, RAID-10 storage, SSH access and Rsync, PHP 7 and above, cPanel user interface, etc. 

A2 Hosting Ratings & Performance

Response Time

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2. SiteGround

SiteGround PrestaShop Hosting

Best for Developers: SiteGround

Custom SG-Git interface, built-in cacher, free daily backup, and multiple server locations. SiteGround has some of the best features for developers.

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Who SiteGround PrestaShop Hosting is for: We think SiteGround is a great choice for PrestaShop developers and large eCommerce website with ~100,000 monthly visitors. .

Why We Like SiteGround PrestaShop Hosting:

PrestaShop happens to be one of several eCommerce platforms that SiteGround has taken the time to optimize its servers for. And just like A2 Hosting, SiteGround fundamentally provides PrestaShop hosting through three adequately specialized packages.

If you choose to proceed, installing the PrestaShop should be a breeze thanks to SiteGround’s Softaculuos auto-installer. Developers also get the chance to pick their preferred PHP version, as well as the accompanying PrestaShop PHP extensions- SOAP, SimpleXML, cURL, and GD

SiteGround’s Go Geek plan (signup at $11.95/mo, renews at $34.95/mo) gives you the benefit of using a custom SG-Git interface to create your PrestaShop Git repositories and control your website versioning.

Other Notable Features: All that works hand in hand with performance-optimization features like latest MySQL version support, free Cloudflare CDN, SuperCacher, multiple data center locations in  USA, UK, Netherlands, and Singapore. . 

SiteGround Ratings & Performance

Response Time

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3. KnownHost

KnownHost PrestaShop Hosting

Recommended: KnownHost

Host one PrestaShop website in fully-managed, speed-optimized cloud environment at the price of $3.47 per month.

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Who KnownHost is for: Users looking for cheap and fully-managed PrestaShop hosting should consider KnownHost.

Why we like KnownHost for PrestaShop: While shared hosting is still an option here, KnownHost has repeatedly proven to be one of the best in managed PrestaShop hosting. 

Its managed web hosting services don’t just entail automatic PrestaShop installations and updates. Rather, KnownHost allocates your site to expert PrestaShop developers who proceed to configure, migrate, tweak, and optimize the entire system for you. 

Other Notable Features: 100% expert-managed PrestaShop, Tier-1 networking, and cPanel PrestaShop server management interface.

KnownHost Ratings & Performance

Response Time

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4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting PrestaShop Hosting

Official Partner: InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is officially recommended by PrestaShop. Host two PrestaShop websites for $3.99/mo with free SSL and park up to six domains in one account.

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Who InMotion Hosting is for: We think InMotion Hosting is a great option for all small-to-medium size businesses.

Why we like InMotion Hosting: Flexibility and reliability are the name of game at InMotion. Officially a PrestaShop partner, InMotion’s services come in the form of shared hosting, VPS hosting, plus dedicated server hosting. Each of them is built to facilitate unlimited scaling and customization of PrestaShop stores. 

Shared PrestaShop hosting, for instance, comes with unlimited disk space for your products, unlimited bandwidth for supporting the increased flow of customers, as well as unlimited parked domains and emails for business growth. 

To help you set up everything, InMotion Hosting also provides a dedicated PrestaShop Education Center, which serves as a comprehensive knowledge base for basic and advanced customization tutorials. 

Other Notable Features at InMotion Hosting

Business emails and reports, PrestaShop growth tools- reports, SEO tools, plus ad credits for search engines and Amazon product placement. 

InMotion Hosting Ratings & Performance

Response Time

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5. TMDHosting

TMD PrestaShop Hosting

Recommended by Official: TMDHosting

Recommended by PrestaShop officially. Starter package starts at $2.95/mo with 60 days money back guarantee and Let's Encrypt SSL support.

Visit TMDHosting

Who TMDHosting is for: Last in our list of the five best web hosts for hosting PrestaShop is TMDHosting, whose experience in this type of service spans ten years. It even earned itself an official recommendation from PrestaShop, as one of the best-balanced hosts when it comes to managed services and pricing. In short, we think TMDHosting is suitable for users who are looking for an affordable hosting solution.

Why we like TMDHosting: TMD’s reasonably-priced managed PrestaShop hosting services stretch from installation to website maintenance service. This means that apart from setting up your PrestaShop platform, TMDHosting’s dedicated staffswill proceed to install your PrestaShop modules and themes, customize them accordingly, and then apply regular updates for optimal security as well as performance. 

That said, the most prominent performance-optimization feature here is TMDHosting’s multiple cache levels. They combine Varnish, OPcache, and APC caching technologies with SSD drives, plus PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 for fast PrestaShop page loading speeds. 

Other Notable Features at TMDHosting:

PrestaShop migration, plus module and theme customization, SSH access, and MySQL query optimization.

TMDHosting Ratings & Performance

Response Time

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How We Choose The Best PrestaShop Hosting Solutions

Since PrestaShop is not just any regular eCommerce platform, it requires very specific web server features to install and run effectively. 

So, if you intend to choose the best PrestaShop hosting services, here are some of the most critical questions for reviewing each possible web hosting option:

What Server Features Does The Web Host Offer?

Apart from facilitating SSH and FTP access, a good PrestaShop host is expected to support PHP 5.2 and above. That said, PHP 7 is the best and you should be able to comfortably leverage it on a Microsoft IIS, Nginx, or Apache web server

Do You Get Extra Tools and Resources For Boosting Server Performance?

The best web hosts for hosting PrestaShop combine multiple data center locations with additional performance-enhancing features like CDN support, proprietary caching technologies, bandwidth throttling, real-time resource scaling, SSD disks, and much more

How Secure Are The Servers?

Considering PrestaShop grants access to its underlying source code, you can bet many attackers are well-aware of its potential vulnerabilities. So, you can only entrust your PrestaShop website to a hosting provider with high-level security features like 24/7 server monitoring, multi-level firewalls, account isolation, SSL encryption, RAID storage, regular automatic backups, etc. 

How Easy Is The Server Management Process?

The best PrestaShop hosting solutions try to make your server management process as easy as possible. In addition to a user-friendly interface, they offer one-click installers, managed PrestaShop hosting services, responsive customer support, troubleshooting tools, reasonable pricing, freebies, etc. 

Why Use PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is essentially an open-source platform that continues to grow popular across the globe because of the impressive features it offers online stores. 

It’s an Open-Source Ecommerce Platform

Its open-source framework, for starters, gives eCommerce merchants and developers the chance to extensively customize their platform’s architecture. You should be able to configure your store’s themes as well as the accompanying website components based on your preferences. 

It Comes With Pre-Designed Templates and Over 300 Built-in Elements for Online Selling

And while you work on that, you don’t have to build everything from scratch. PrestaShop happens to come with ready-made website templates, plus more than 300 built-in elements, all of which are specifically optimized for online selling, managing online stores, payment processing, and digital marketing. 

In a nutshell, therefore, PrestaShop provides all the basic features a typical eCommerce business would need to set up and sustain a website. 

It’s worth noting, however, that only a good PrestaShop hosting solution is capable of effectively powering such a website over the long haul. A web host should consistently provide a solid foundation on which an eCommerce platform like PrestaShop can proceed to unleash its full potential. 


It’s worth noting, however, that this list is not final. PrestaShop hosting is an exceedingly competitive space and the ranks are persistently shifting. 

Hence, we’ll continue keeping tabs on various leading solutions, and we’ll be sure to update you accordingly as soon as the status quo changes. 

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