Best Hosting Services For Node.js Applications

Best Hosting Services For Node.js Applications

While Node.js is extremely promising when it comes to app development, the trick to unleashing its full potential is leveraging the best hosting services for Node.js applications

Node.js is widely renowned for its reliability, flexibility, and overall efficiency. Additionally, apps developed using this technology are extensively scalable even when you host them on standard hardware infrastructure. Hence, developers and businesses are particularly fond of taking advantage of that to minimize their hosting expenditure. 

Combined, all these benefits could potentially turn a simple Node.js application into a very successful project, especially if it’s well-developed. 

A word of caution of though – picking a random Node.js hosting service could turn out to be disastrous for your app and the business. That’s why, instead of taking chances with such a risky option, strategic developers always settle for nothing but the best Node.js hosting providers.  

Identifying them, however, can be an overwhelmingly cumbersome process. There’s a wide array of options on the market, ranging from free Node.js hosting services to premium Node.js hosting solutions. Sorting them out can, understandably, be very confusing. 

This guide saves you the trouble by providing all the critical insights into the best Node.js hosting services in different categories- best affordable Node.js hosting, best premium Node.js hosting, best free Node.js hosting, as well as the best flexible Node.js hosting. 

Their services predominantly come in two types of packages: 

  • Shared Node.js hosting
  • Cloud VM/VPS Node.js hosting

Shared vs. Cloud VM/VPS Node.js Hosting 

Shared Node.js Hosting

Shared Node.js hosting is a structured approach where a server plus its accompanying system resources are shared between several users. Consequently, such packages cost considerably less compared to other Node.js hosting options. 

But, there’s also a downside to it. Sharing means you get only a fraction of the resources on the server, and that compromises the performance capabilities of your application. 

Cloud VM/VPS Node.js Hosting

Cloud Virtual Machine Node.js hosting, which is otherwise known as Virtual Private Server Node.js hosting, mitigates the weaknesses of shared Node.js hosting. In essence, each user is offered their own server along with the accompanying resources. 

The servers themselves are virtual but they perform like physical machines. They even come with CPU, RAM, and storage space allocations. 

Therefore, cloud VM/VPS Node.js hosting is ideal for resource-demanding apps that require extensive scalability. They get to capitalize on the allocated resources for increased performance and dynamic scaling. 

The only problem is, this option is typically costlier shared Node.js hosting.  Hence, you should expect to pay more for your application hosting.

The Best Node.js Hosting Services

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting – Best Affordable Node.js Hosting 

a2 hosting - budget node.js hosting choices

A2 Hosting happens to be a multi-faceted hosting provider. While it’s predominantly renowned for its high-performance WordPress hosting services, it turns out A2 Hosting is also specialized in Node.js hosting. 

In addition to high performance, developers principally choose A2 Hosting for its favorable Node.js package pricing. The host essentially offers VPS and shared Node.js hosting services at very reasonable prices. 

Notable features in A2 Node.js Hosting

The cheapest, of course, is the shared option, which starts at only $3.70 a month. It basically comes with: 

  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • Free automatic backups
  • Free SSL certificate
  • cPanel interface for server management
  • An unlimited number of email accounts
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Support for an unlimited number of websites

A2 hosting further allows you to boost the server performance by up to 20 times. You only need to upgrade from the Swift package to Turbo, whose starting price is only $7.03 per month.

All in all, the only disadvantage here is the limited scaling capabilities that come with shared hosting. Otherwise, A2 Hosting provides a favorable balance between Node.js Hosting performance and pricing. tracks A2 Hosting uptime and speed consistently (see chart below). You can learn more about A2 Hosting performance here.

A2 Shared Hosting Response Speed

Average aggregate response speed for A2 Hosting is 219.09ms. A2 Hosting shared hosting response time is checked every four hours from ten locations.

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS – Best Premium Node.js Hosting 

Amazon - premium node.js hosting choices

For developers that need unlimited Node.js scaling, AWS is a  considerably reliable host. Amazon Web Services has built one of the most extensive hosting infrastructures in the world, whose network of servers stretches across 22 geographical regions on the globe. 

Another notable thing about AWS is its inclusivity. It caters to possibly all your developing needs by offering a range of different hosting services for Node.js applications. 

You could, for instance, capitalize on its Elastic Beanstalk services for simplified deployment management and scaling. You only need to submit your app’s code and AWS will handle the rest of the process while charging you a flexible pay-as-you-go rate.  

Notable features in AWS Node.js Hosting

Some of the feature highlights of AWS Node.js hosting include:

  • A Node.js hosting free tier for beginners 
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing system
  • Extensive auto-scaling
  • Smooth integration with a wide range of supplementary AWS services. 
  • Consistent load balancing

3. Heroku

Heroku – Best Free Node.js Hosting

Heroku -  free node.js hosting choices

While there’s a wide range of hosts that offer free Node.js hosting, Heroku’s free package is remarkably exceptional. It comes with an impressive array of features that would, otherwise, cost you dollars on another provider. 

The type of service here is cloud Node.js hosting and it supports app deployment across multiple regions. If your app needs additional hosting functionalities, Heroku further allows you to customize your server with its array of plugins or third-party solutions. 

Notable features in Heroku Node.js Hosting

Here’s a list of some of the features you get from Heroku’s Node.js hosting free package: 

  • 512 MB RAM
  • SSH to the dyno
  • Dyno management
  • Buildpacks
  • Unified logs
  • Automated OS patching
  • Multiple deployment methods
  • Rollbacks for disaster recovery
  • A custom domain
  • Add-ons for monitoring, caching, and logging

If you’d want more features, upgrading to Heroku’s premium Node.js hosting plans will cost you between $7 per dyno per month and $500 per dyno per month. 

4. Interserver

Interserver – Best Flexible Node.js Hosting

Interserver - affordable and flexible node.js hosting choices

Interserver is an excellent choice for developers seeking a flexible but cheap Node.js hosting service. It gives you the benefit of hands-on participation when it comes to provisioning and configuring virtual private servers. 

For a reasonable price, Interserver allows you to choose the precise server resources you need for your Node.js application. If you settle for one slice, for example, you’ll get one CPU core along with 2048MB of RAM, 30GB SSD storage, and 11TB of data transfer. All that comes at a price of only $6 a month. 

You’re free to pick up to 16 CPU cores for your server, which would then come with 32,768MB RAM, 480GB SSD storage, plus 16GB of data transfer. That would subsequently give you a high-powered Node.js server that can comfortably support resource-demanding applications. 

Such a comprehensive package would cost you about $96 a month, which is quite a fair rate considering all the features it offers. In fact, developers consider Interserver to be one of the most cost-effective Node.js hosting services for high-level apps. 

Notable features in Interserver Node.js Hosting

It guaranteed you the following benefits regardless of the server setup you choose: 

  • Low latency datacenters.
  • Managed support when you purchase 4 or more slices.
  • cPanel interface for server management.
  • Webuzo control panel.
  • Regular data backup. 
  • Dedicated server resources.
  • Fast loading speeds. monitors Interserver server uptime and speed consistently. You can check their performance in our review.

Top Websites Powered By Node.js

Some of the top websites that have successfully leveraged the best Node.js hosting solutions include: 



Netflix is currently one of the largest and most established brands in the media streaming space. By taking advantage of Node.js, it was able to set up an expansive but lightweight data-driven platform for providing videos on demand. 

As a result, its users increasingly praise the service for maintaining an exceptionally smooth and fast performance without any notable glitches. 



PayPal is, by far, the biggest online payment system in the world. Its success is partly attributed to its fast and highly-dependable platform, which is currently running on a Node.js framework. 

This, however, hasn’t always been the case. It turns out that at some point, PayPal was experiencing integration difficulties between its web-based platform and the corresponding apps. 

The company had been relying on two separate teams of developers. One was handling browser-specific code while the other team wrote app-layer-specific code. While this approach had its benefits, it occasionally triggered inconsistencies between the two architectures. 

PayPal subsequently responded by hiring a team of full-stack developers to shift its entire system from Java to Node.js. The result was a holistically unified platform that has proven to be much faster and more reliable than the previous system.  


Uber- node.js website

Although Uber was not the premier taxi app, it has grown to become the most widely-used ride-hailing app in the world. Its Node.js foundation was particularly instrumental in Uber’s journey to the top, as it efficiently facilitated the company’s continued expansion. 

Node.js has helped Uber adapt to increased service demand by progressively scaling up its resources without compromising the overall user experience. 

The Bottom Line – Which Is The Best For You?

All things considered, there’s no provider that offers the ultimate best hosting services for all Node.js applications. What you choose depends on your needs and budget. 

Ideally, you should identify the best Node.js hosting solution based on critical parameters like: 

  • The type of applications you intend to deploy. 
  • The type of server resources you think you’d need over the long haul. 
  • Your budget and projected expenditure.
  • Your technical expertise when it comes to system administration. 
  • The number of applications you plan to host. 

The deeper you evaluate your system needs, the more you’ll be able to pick the best hosting services for Node.js applications. 

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